Fire Day on the Quad

fire truck outside Memorial Union

Fire Day on the Quad

A fun-filled, educational day focused on all things fire prevention and safety.

Join UC Davis firefighters and all their cool trucks out on the Quad during Fire Prevention Week.

Wednesday, Oct. 9
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

UC Davis firefighters, student firefighters and EMTs, along with campus Fire Prevention staff; will be hosting demos, recruiting students to become student firefighters and EMTs, plus giving away cool gear.

Not every hero wears a capeNot All Heroes Wear Capes – Plan & Practice Your Escape!

Fire Day on the Quad is part of national Fire Prevention Week and this year’s theme focuses on the importance of being prepared to evacuate if there’s a fire or other emergency. “We’re looking forward to greeting new and returning Aggies who all earn hero status for coming out and learning some life-long skills,” remarked Nate Trauernicht, UC Davis Fire Chief. “It’s a highlight of our year to meet so many students, staff and faculty – the people we’re here to serve.”

Know 2 Ways Out

Whether your dorm, lecture hall or a restaurant downtown - you should plan two escape routes in case one of them is blocked. Before you take a seat, please identify two ways to quickly evacuate in the event of a fire or other emergency.