Student Firefighter Application

UC Davis Student Firefighters learn about fire behavior.


Here's you opportunity to be a part of the LONGEST RUNNING non-academic student job on campus, a UCDFD Student Firefighter. Student have been a part of providing fire protection on our campus for 100 year - since our university was the Berkeley Farm. With only 15 applicants offered permanent positions, this is one of the most sought after and exclusive experience at UC Davis.

Applications will go live on February 1st, 2018, on Aggie Job Link.  The application period will be open until February 28th. Please search the key phrase  "student firefighter" to access the specific posting on Aggie Job Link.  

Did you miss the two information nights? Not to worry! The material in the linked PDF will fill you in.


You must be an ACCEPTED and REGISTERED UC Davis Student in order to apply and be invited to testing.  It is critical that transfer students hoping to be eligible for the position be fully accepted as a student by the University NO LATER than Winter Quarter 2018.

You need NO experience. We will equip you with all the skills and knowledge to be successful - the rest is up to you!


We ask that the candidates chosen for the program provide a minimum two year commitment for employment. 

Student Resident Firefighters are assigned to one of three platoons (work shifts) under the general supervision of a Senior Student Firefighter. Student  Firefighters work five shifts and participate in three training sessions per month, totaling 87 hours.

Four shifts are 14 hours long, 5pm-7am.  The fifth shift is 24 hours, 8am-8am Student Firefighters train on the first and third Wednesday of every month, 7pm-9pm., and 9am-12pm on the first weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) of every month. These assigned shift and training hours are designed around supporting a full-time UC Davis course schedule.

Once you are a Student Firefighter you MUST be at least part-time status as a UC Davis student.

If Permanently Hired:

The Student Firefighters chosen for the program following the academy will begin working on shift at the beginning of the Fall Quarter 2018 following their academy and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training (if not already certified).

You will get FREE housing at the Campus Fire Station next to the Pavilion Parking Structure year-round.


For questions regarding recruitment or the Student Resident Firefighter Program, please contact Program Co-Coordinator Firefighter Braden Burrhus by email at