Student Firefighter Application

UC Davis Student Firefighters learn about fire behavior.

From the graduates of the academy, a list will be created.  With each current SRFF that graduates or leaves the program, a spot is opened up and offered to the top candidates on the list. Approximately 10 spots are available every two years.  

The Student Resident Firefighters chosen for the program will begin working on shift at the beginning of the Fall Quarter following their academy.

You must be an ACCEPTED and REGISTERED UC Davis Student in order to apply and be invited to testing.  It is critical that transfer students hoping to be eligible for the position be fully accepted as a student by the University NO LATER than Winter Quarter preceding the application period.  

We ask that the candidates chosen for the program consider a two year commitment for employment. 

In order to prepare yourself to be a competitive applicant, it is important that you build physical strength as well as endurance and that you visit to get an idea of the written testing process (Fire Team Test).

For questions regarding recruitment or the Student Resident Firefighter Program, please contact Program Co-Coordinator Firefighter Braden Burrhus by email at