Thomas Powell

Thomas Powell

Position Title
Student Firefighter

Fire Department

Fire/Police Building
Office Hours
On-Call Schedule

Hometown: Castro Valley, CA

Major: International Relations

What interested you in the SRFF Program? “What initially interested me in the SRFF Program and the fire service was my Father who was a Firefighter for 30 years. Someone who has always been a role model to me, I've realized over the past several years I would like to pursue a career in the fire service as he did. Being a student here at UC Davis and having an on-campus fire department which offered the SRFF Program, it quickly became evident to me this was an opportunity I could not pass up.”

What is your favorite part of the program? “Along with jumping on the rig and running calls, my favorite aspect of the program is the fact that I am able to learn something new and intriguing each and every day. Working and training alongside career firefighters is a unique opportunity and one I value very much as I continue to develop my skill set and become the best firefighter I can be.”

Tommy enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors along with family and friends. He also loves traveling and visiting new places throughout the US and the world.