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SERVICE Beyond expectations; we will be identified by the pride and professionalism exhibited in all that we do.
DEDICATION To honesty and fairness, as essential to the trust of our community and customers;
RESPECT As the pillar of cooperation, understanding, and the basis of exceptional service; we value ourselves, each other, and our community;
LEADERSHIP That promotes professionalism, exceptional service, a positive work environment, and job satisfaction;
INNOVATION In our culture and services, while respecting our deep and valued traditions;
INTEGRITY Reflected in our honest and ethical behavior.

The UC Davis Fire Department exists to Protect and Enhance the Safety and Well-being of our Community with Pride and Excellence.



UC Davis Fire Tweets
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UCDavisFire : If you've ever wanted to work in the medical field, emergency services, or make a difference in your…
Nov 20, 2015 07:09 PM
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UCDavisFire : RT @msevepadilla: Reppin' @UCDavisFire way out here in the Twin Cities cause ya know I survived #FitForFire!💪🏼🔥
Nov 20, 2015 05:57 PM
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UCDavisFire : Congrats @FireChiefT on your recognition as one of Sacramento's brightest young professionals!!! #ucdavis
Nov 18, 2015 08:39 PM