Car Seat Inspection Program

Schedule a free appointment with the UC Davis Fire Department's Child Passenger Safety Program.

Certified Fire Department staff will provide a comprehensive one-on-one inspection of your child's safety seat and ensure its proper installation in your vehicle.

Ensure Your Child's Safety on the Road
This program uses guidelines and training set by Safe Kids Worldwide and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Our highly trained and certified child safety seat inspection technicians provide a thorough safety inspection of your child's safety seat, ensure proper installation in your vehicle, and we'll train you to confidently reinstall the seat in the future.

As a parent of four young boys, I'm committed to helping keep children safe when traveling in vehicles. I've seen the damage caused by improperly installed car seats, and I can help you avoid those mistakes."
-- Ben Rizzo, fire engineer and car seat safety program coordinator

Free, Fast and Friendly
Fire Department staff can typically schedule an appointment within a few business days, if not sooner, and the whole appointment takes no longer than an hour. 

Children do NOT need to be present for the appointment, though it is helpful in ensuring the child fits correctly in the installed seat. 

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