Performance & Planning

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Readiness, Planning, & Partnerships

Response Readiness

In order to ensure the highest quality of emergency services, the UC Davis Fire Department sets forth plans and guidlines for every department member to follow so as to exhibit and embody the department's goals and values.

UC Davis Fire Department works around the clock to maintain and improve our level of preparedness for all emergencies, across the university and the region. We strive to understand the needs of the community we serve, and have taken many steps to plan for tomorrow.  Most significantly, creating and following our Strategic Plan and working toward Accreditation.

Partnerships and Planning

The UC Davis Fire Department participates in regional partnerships to enhance the quality and efficiency of our services:

We sponsor the West Valley Regional Fire Training Consortium, tasked with coordinating regional training efforts, and streamlining operations between departments. This partnership allows fire agencies within Yolo County to share the cost and benefits of having a Training Division, as well as promoting efficiency among interagency response in the case of a large scale emergency.

In 2015 we implementation our EMT Training and Certification Program. Through a partnership with the Los Rios Community College District, this course is available to UC Davis students as well as the general public. The course provides students with the skills needed to attain an EMT-Basic certification, take the National Registry EMT Test, and move forward in a medical-related career path.

We send all new recruits through the City of Sacramento Fire Academy to ensure that we have the most capable and highly training firefighters. The UC Davis Fire Department recognizes the value in interacting and networking with fire and emergency services professionals in our region. We strive to build connections throughout our greater community and to learn from one another, ultimately enhancing the delivery of our services.

Strategic Plan Update

In January 2012, the University of California Davis Fire Department (UCDFD) began the development of a Fire Department Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan creates the framework for the future of the Department to meet the full range of risks and hazards that the University of California Davis campus presents.

To further the accountability and ownership of the resulting plan, a strategic plan maintenance process was drafted, which outlines the review process and frequency. A high level review has been conducted annually, but in Fiscal Year 2015, a more in-depth review and revision was conducted, resulting in an updated plan.

This plan has been refreshed so that the content remains relevant to the challenges and opportunities facing the department today, so that it may continue to guide our activities, decisions, and purpose. Goals that have been accomplished that were set forth when this plan was drafted have been removed so it can remain forward looking, continuing to guide us on our path to continued excellence.