Student EMT Program

UC Davis Student EMTs practicing skills.

Medical Care Is Over 90% Of What We Do!

Your Real World Experience In Pre-Hospital Care Starts Today

The UC Davis Fire Department has provided EMT event staffing over a number of years for a diverse cross-section of campus activities. The service itself is an extension of the daily operations of the department intended to minimize the impact to on-duty crews by mitigating low acuity calls for medical service without reducing the response readiness of the larger EMS system within the community. 

The department engages in this service to further its mission, maintain direct responsibility for quality of care, and to ensure response resources are responsibly utilized in a manner most beneficial to our customers. 

The UC Davis Fire Department Student EMT program fills a long standing need related to challenges in filling spots for planned campus events that require EMT coverage. It also creates an important development opportunity for UC Davis Students that could mirror the success of our Student Firefighter Program.

A graduating class from the UC Davis EMT program stands in front of Engine 34.

Student EMTs In Action


Assist in providing emergency medical care in the event of medical emergencies involving students, staff, and guests of the UC Davis Campus. Work with other emergency personnel (firefighters, police, and ambulance personnel) to stabilize and prepare patients for transport to hospitals best equipped to treat them. 


Performs equipment inventories, maintains medical equipment and supplies, cleans and disinfects equipment and equipment room, other duties as assigned. 


Attend public relations events, perform blood pressure screenings, pass out promotional documents, provide a positive and professional image that promotes the mission of the fire department and emergency medical services, other duties as assigned. 


Attend mandatory monthly training sessions and other trainings as assigned to maintain skills.