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Tired of your usual exercise routine? Fire for Fire will set your workout on FIRE!

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UC Davis Fire Station 34

Fit for Fire

Times/Days: Try Before You Buy: April 6 - Class Regularly Occurs: Thursdays, 5:15–6:15 p.m.
Class Fee: $57 || Enroll Online
Instructor: Francis, Sixing, & UC Davis Firefighters
Location: UCD Fire Station

Fitness and Wellness and the UC Davis Fire Department have teamed up on this 10 week outdoor bootcamp class designed to get you fit to fight a fire! This small group instructional class will be taught by two personal trainers and fire fighters. The class will focus on full body strength training, cardiovascular endurance, and the speed, agility and quickness needed to be a fire fighter or an athlete in general. Best of all, the fire fighters will incorporate adrenaline rushing exercises like forcing open doors, pulling hoses, dummy drags and more! Whether you want to be a fire fighter or not, this class will at least get you in the shape to be one.