EMT Certification Program Cost & Materials

Description of Fees

  • $1,950.00       Tuition
  • $335.97          Textbook with online Premier Digital Access and Fisdap Assessment Package Bundle. You must purchase the course package using this link to get the right materials (this includes a 30% discount) http://www.jblearning.com/cart/Default.aspx?bc=25482-2&ref=psg&coupon=UCDAVIS21
  • $120.45            Background check, Drug screening, and immunization tracking
  • $25                    Student EMT Malpractice Insurance
  • $20                      MyClinical Exchange Account
  • Cost varies       Blood pressure cuff and stethoscope


Students are required to wear a uniform during all in-person sessions and clinical shifts. The uniform will consist of the following, and may incur an additional expense to the students:

  • Black or Navy-Blue pants (EMS style pant preferred, but not required). No jeans or leggings.
  • UC Davis Fire EMT class shirt
  • Black belt
  • Black shoes/boots that can be polished (must be solid back, no big logos)

Students will be provided the following free of charge:

  • One uniform shirt
  • Safety glasses
  • ID card and lanyard