Fit For Fire

Fit for Fire at UC Davis Fire Department

Not Your Typical Exercise Class...

Fit for Fire, a nine-week boot camp-style class that offers a combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise, as well as speed and agility testing situations a firefighter could encounter on the job.

Taught by UCD firefighters along with personal trainers from the Living Well Unit within Campus Recreation and Unions, the class takes place at the fire station on Kleiber Hall Drive, exposing its participants to a segment of the campus they might not otherwise seek out.

A typical class could have you in the apparatus bay of the campus fire station building strength with squats, dumbbell swings and push-ups then heading outside for the firefighting portion of carrying ladders, running through a cone course with wildland hose packs, and dragging your choice of fire hoses or a 165-pound dummy.

Other sessions have had participants performing ladder lifts, connecting and extending hose lines, and running up and down stairs while carrying heavy firefighting equipment.

Fit for Fire is open to all UCD students, faculty and staff, as well as Davis residents with an Activities and Recreation Center membership. The cost is $65 for a nine-week course that will be offered quarterly.

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