I firefighter provides direction to an ambulance at an emergency scene.
UCDFD's partnership with Sac Metro Fire will give students unparalleled real world, hands-on, experience in providing pre-hospital care.

Students Provided Unique Experience Through New Partnership with Sac Metro Fire

For nearly three years the UC Davis Fire Department (UCDFD) has partnered with Los Rios Community Colleges to provide Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification training to the UC Davis Campus and surrounding community.

Doing so has provided a rare opportunity for UCD students, preparing for careers in many medical fields, to enhance their education and gain real-world experience. Last week the opportunity for hands-on experience of program graduates took a huge step forward.  Through a partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department (Sac Metro Fire), we launched the PMED 106 class.

PMED 106 is a work experience program through American River College facilitated and coordinated by UCDFD EMS/Pre-hospital Care Coordinator Scott Hatcher that is geared toward providing the best and brightest graduates of our EMT certification program with hands-on learning through riding with Sac Metro Fire ambulances, some of the busiest in Northern California.

During the course, students will further their knowledge when it comes to differentiating between acutely and chronically ill patients, understanding all the factors that contribute to an appropriate differential diagnosis, and assist paramedics and other advanced life support providers during patient care.

According to UCDFD Fire Chief Nathan Trauernicht, "this partnership further extends the reach of our fire department both in support of UCD's academic mission as well as our mission of creating a community of improved health and well-being.  We are gaining a reputation for grooming excellent pre-hospital care providers who will now benefit even further through this incredibly valuable partnership with Sac Metro Fire."

The first cohort to go through the program started their ride alongs this week.

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