WVRFTC MCI Drill at UC Davis
Firefighters from across Yolo County practice triaging patients based on severity of their injuries.

UC Davis Fire Hosts Regional Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Training

On May 1st, 2nd, and 5th the UC Davis Fire Department (UCDFD) hosted a regional multi-casualty incident drill put on by the West Valley Regional Fire Training Consortium (WVRFTC) aimed at helping responders prepare for an emergency that could generate a large number of injured patients all at one time.

Unitrans generously donated one of their retired buses to be rolled over on its side near the former Orchard Park student housing site for a scenario that centered around a bus rollover accident.  Members of the UC Davis Campus community volunteered their time to be moulaged, painted with fake injuries, and placed on the interior of the bus to create as real of an environment as possible for the responders coming to their aid.

Participants included UCDFD, West Sacramento Fire, Woodland Fire, Yocha Dehe Fire, Davis Fire, Yolo County Volunteer Fire Departments, AMR, and a medical transport helicopter from Reach Air Ambulance.

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