Student Firefighter Program

UC Davis Student Firefighter directs an ambulance to its destination.

Not Your Ordinary College Job...

One of the most unique features of the UC Davis Fire Department is our Student Resident Firefighter program. Created in 1949, this program teaches firefighting skills to a select group of students who live and work at Station 34.

The UC Davis Fire Department maintains 15 Student Resident Firefighters and they are selected from a large applicant pool every two years after undergoing a rigorous physical abilities test, an intensive interview process, and a firefighting academy. Once selected, the Student Resident Firefighters become working members of the UC Davis Fire Department who are required to staff one 24 hour shift, four 14 hour shifts, and two training sessions per month in exchange for housing at Station 34. Additional compensation is provided when the students respond to emergency calls while not on duty. The Student Resident Firefighters are expected to represent the University and the Department while on duty, and as such, they are provided with uniforms, personal protection gear, and training designed to meet that end.

The program requires a commitment from the students not normally associated with college life, but provides them with structure and work experience. The experience and values gained as a s Student Resident Firefighter helps foster future career firefighters, as a great many of our students have moved on into such emergency service careers. The UC Davis Fire Department is extremely proud of the Student Resident Firefighters and the program in general, which is one of only three such programs on college campuses in the United States.