EMT Certification Program FAQs

uc davis ems division

Enrollment Questions

  • Do I have to fill out an application for the EMT course or be a UC Davis student to enroll?
  • No to both. This is an open enroll course and you do not need to complete an application or be a UC Davis student to enroll. However, UC Davis students do receive a discount on tuition.
  • I am on the waitlist. How do I know if I will be enrolled in the class?
  • Waitlisted students will be notified by email when a seat becomes available in the course. Students who are not added from the waitlist will be given the opportunity to enroll into a future course.
  • How do I enroll in the course?
  • Enrollment is done through the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education website.
  • What happens after I enroll?
  • After completing your online registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Following the confirmation students will be emailed a welcome packet that contains specific details about the program including: prerequisite information, parking information, course syllabus and schedule.
  • I have additional questions about the enrollment process, who should I contact?
  • Please email the Student Services office at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education at cpeinfo@ucdavis.edu

Course Fee Questions

  • What is the course fee?
  • UC Davis registration fee = $1755
    Non-UC Davis registration fee = $1950
    Final enroll by date is 14 days prior to start of class
    Refund deadline is 7 days prior to start of class
  • Is financial aid available?
  • Federal financial aid, such as Stafford loans and Pell grants, is not available for our EMT course. Your bank or credit union may offer private loan options. Students are encouraged to contact their local credit union or bank, and inquire about what private loan services they offer to members.
  • Is a payment plan available? What is it?
  • Yes, the payment plan is as follows:
    - 1/3 due at the time of enrollment/registration
    - 1/3 due 7 days prior to class start
    - 1/3 due by the end of the second week of class
  • What is your refund policy and how do I request a refund?
  • - Participants will receive a refund less a $30 processing fee up to 7 days prior to the start of class.
    - The refund deadline is 7 days prior to start of class. No refunds will be issued after that date.
    - To request a refund, students must contact the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Department.
  • Do you accept VA/GI Bill money?
  • Not currently.

Prerequisite Questions

  • What are the prerequisites for this course?
  • - Age requirement: You must be at least 18 years old on the first day of class.
    - Have a current American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Provider CPR certification.
  • Is there a language requirement for the course?
  • In order to be successful in the course, students should be able to read, speak, and write fluently in English.

Attendance Questions

  • What is the attendance policy?
  • Participants must plan to attend all hours of the class. Any hours missed, must be made up on an hour for hour basis prior to receiving a course completion certificate.

Academic Credit Questions

  • How many Academic Units will I receive when I complete this course and are the units transferable to other Colleges and Universities?
  • Participants will receive 11 units. This is an X-400 level course, which are typically accepted as transferable to other colleges and universities, however it is at the discretion of each institution to determine if they will accept. Students should always check with their department’s advisor in advance, or the institution they are considering transferring to.
  • How will the units be applied to my UC Davis course load? Will they count towards my graduation requirements?
  • Students should check with their department's advisor in advance to ensure how these units can be applied to their course load/requirements.
  • Will these units count towards my full-time or part-time enrollment status at UC Davis?
  • Students should check with their department's advisor in advance to ensure how these units will affect their enrollment status.

Clinical Requirement Questions

  • What are the clinical requirements?
  • Prior to the clinical experience participants must successfully pass an approved background and drug/alcohol screening through Universal Background. The drug screening includes testing for THC and marijuana. Due to federal regulations, position of a medicinal marijuana card does not exclude participants from this requirement.

    Proof of immunizations must also be provided to program staff.

    In addition, participants must complete requirements in an MyClinicalExchange account and obtain malpractice insurance.

  • What accounts do I need to complete my clinical requirements?
  • · Universal Background Account: $75.50 (Account must be created by the end of the second week of class).

    · MyClinicalExchange Account (MCE): $20 for six months (Account must be created by the end of the second week of class).

  • Is the cost of required clinical accounts included in the registration fee?
  • No, students need to pay for these accounts out of pocket. These fees should be planned for when making the decision to enroll into the class as they are required to complete your clinical and field experience portion of the class and therefore cannot be waived.
  • Why are these accounts and requirements required?
  • The clinical and field experience sites that we partner with require that all students entering into their facilities or riding-a-long with them complete these requirements.
  • Am I required to receive immunization prior to the start of the course?
  • No; however, you will be required to provide proof of immunization, or a negative titer to the following prior to starting your clinical experience:
    - Current Season Flu vaccination
    - Hepatitis B Vaccine (start of 3 shot series) or signed declination form
    - Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
    - Negative Tuberculosis (TB) completed within 3 months of entering into clinicals:  Students must complete a two-step TB skin test.
    - Varicella
    It is recommended that students complete these requirements as soon as possible as not to delay course completion.
  • I have additional questions about the clinical requirements, who should I contact?
  • Please email our Clinical site liaison, Meghan Scannell at mescannell@ucdavis.edu

Job Placement After Certification Questions

  • What is the carreer outlook for an EMT after certification?
  • - EMTs and paramedics earn an average salary of $34,320 (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    - EMT and paramedic jobs are expected to grow by 7% through 2028, which is faster than the average national job growth rate (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
    -EMTs can find employment with a variety of employers in the healthcare and emergency response fields, including fire departments, private ambulance companies, and hospitals.
    -Students often use EMT training as a foundation for an education in advanced medicine, including paramedic school, medical school, nursing school, and physician's assistant school.
  • Do you provide job placement assistance after course completion?
  • We do not provide job placement. However, through the clinical experience portion of our program, participants get to network with nurses, paramedics, firefighters, and other EMTs. The UC Davis Fire Department also hires current UC Davis students to work as EMTs and Student Firefighters. Many of our student employees came from our EMT program. We also encourage hospital, fire departments, and ambulance service providers to hold job fairs and recruit graduates of our programs.