EMT Certification Classes

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EMT Certification Classes

EMT Certification Program Description:

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program provides students with an outline of the EMS system, introduces assessment skills and treatment techniques, and provides pathophysiology of common neurological, respiratory, and cardiac emergencies found within the scope of practice of an EMT. The course meets all of the National EMS Education standards for EMTs and is accredited with the state of California through the Yolo County Emergency Medical Services Agency.

A course completion certificate is awarded to students who pass the course with a score of 80% or better and fulfill all clinical requirements.  Successful completion of the EMT course provides eligibility to the National Registry of EMTs examination to receive certification as a Nationally Registered EMT.  Once nationally registered, graduates are eligible to apply for state licensure which will allow them to work as an EMT in local areas of choice.  A student must be 18 years or older in order to qualify for state licensure. (NREMT and State/Local Licensure fees are not included in course cost.)

EMT Program Information:

Courses offered Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters.

Comprised of two-course sections, EMT 110 and EMT 111.

EMT 110

Lecture and Labs.  Held over ten weeks for a total of 162 total hours of instruction.  Must be completed before entering into EMT 111.

Lectures are Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6pm-10pm. Labs are Saturdays from 8am-5pm.

EMT 111

Provides clinical experience in the Hospital Emergency Room and on an ambulance with additional instruction in prehospital emergency care. Held over four weeks for a total of 54 hours of additional instruction.  Most of EMT 111 takes place outside of the classroom.


EMTs care for a patient

Cost & Materials

Materials Fee: $127.05 due upon initial registration for the course and is non-refundable.  

Paying the materials fee secures your spot in the class.  Prior to the start of class, students will receive a welcome email from ekschroeder@ucdavis.edu.  The email will contain a Promo Code that will allow students to complete their registration and pay the unit fee.  The unit fee will be due within two weeks of the start of class or within 48 hours (if the class starts within the two-week window).  Students who have received financial aid and can provide proof will not need to pay the unit fee.  The unit fees are as follows:

The in-state unit fee is $46 per unit:

EMT 110 (6 units) = $276

EMT 111 (1 unit) = $46

Non-residential or international students’ unit fee is $317 per unit:

EMT 110 (6 units) = $1902 

EMT 111 (1 unit) = $317

After successfully completing EMT 110 students will be required to enroll into EMT 111.  Directions for enrolling into EMT 111 will be given after successful completion of the skills final.

Class deposit and Materials Fee: $127.05 (Non-refundable)

Additional course costs not included as part of the materials fee or registration fees include:

Book, Fisdap account, CastleBranch Background, and Drugscreen account, MyClinicalExchange account, Clinical HeathStream Modules, immunization (if needed), health physical, and additional uniform shirts.

The total estimated cost to complete the course: $850