UCDFD Crews Train for Challenging Rescues

UC Davis Fire Dept technical rescue training.

This week UC Davis Fire Department firefighters took the opportunity to further develop their technical rescue skills during a training evolution at Clark Pacific in Woodland, CA.

A simulated victim trapped beneath large slabs of concrete, weighing approximately 1500lbs each, provided ample opportunity for fire crews to utilize multiple tools from Truck 34. Tools such as rescue jacks (struts), airbags, cribbing, a cable come along and pry bars were used in different configurations to rescue the simulated victim.

In situations like this, which would involve a significant collapse, just a few inches of wiggle room can make all the difference for the outcome of the patient.

UC Davis Fire Truck 34 B-Shift doing heavy rescue.
Truck 34 B-Shift crew using a combination of rescue struts and airbags to lift and stabilize concrete blocks.
UC Davis Fire Truck 34 B-Shift doing heavy rescue.
Techniques like this can create voids of just enough space to free a trapped victim.