UCDFD EMT Program Student Writes For Huffington Post

MCI Triage Tage
Triage takes like this one are used to determine patient treatment priority at large scale incidents involving many patients.

A current student in the UC Davis Fire Dept./Los Rios Community College EMT Certification Program delivered on the UCD Campus recently wrote an article about multi-agency training for large-scale emergencies that was featured on the Huffington Post.

Kathryn Barrett, Contributor and roving Photojournalist for HP got the chance to write a story as she experienced the course and the training first hand.

More information about our EMT Certification Program can be found at: UCDFD EMT Certification Program Info Page

Kathryn Barrett is a freelance journalist and photographer in California. She uses photography, videography, and journalism to share stories she finds interesting. Kathryn filmed, edited, and produced the online documentary To the Heart of a Mustang and has written several blogs about her travels.