Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)

UC Davis Fire Dept. has for years offered courses that build on foundations for lifesaving skills for healthcare professionals.

Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)

Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) remains the gold standard of education for emergency medical assessment and treatment. Endorsed by the National Association of EMS Physicians, AMLS emphasizes the use of the AMLS Assessment Pathway, a systematic tool for assessing and managing common medical conditions with urgent accuracy.

Audience: EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physician assistants and other prehospital providers.

Course Card: Upon successful completion, students will receive an NAEMT AMLS certification card valid for 4 years.

Time: Full in-person -16 hours, hybrid – 8 hours online and 8 hours in-person

Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)

  • Online and in-person.  Online Module must be completed before attending the in-person class.
  • In-person class -7/17/2022
  • Room: TBD
  • Max Enrollment: 12
  • Registration Cost: $350


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