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UCDFD Firefighter, Student Firefighter, and Student EMT of the Year Awards

February 06, 2018
Each year the UC Davis Fire Department recognizes employees who are exemplary at their work and who go above and beyond with their performance and efforts to support our mission. Congratulations to this year's recipients! Firefighter of the Year

Michael McCartney consistently strives to improve our department by giving 110% since being hired in 2013. Mike is a UC Davis alum, and an alum of the UC Davis Fire Department's Student Firefighter Program.

Students Provided Unique Experience Through New Partnership with Sac Metro Fire

June 20, 2017
For nearly three years the UC Davis Fire Department (UCDFD) has partnered with Los Rios Community Colleges to provide Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification training to the UC Davis Campus and surrounding community.

Doing so has provided a rare opportunity for UCD students, preparing for careers in many medical fields, to enhance their education and gain real-world experience. Last week the opportunity for hands-on experience of program graduates took a huge step forward.

UCDFD EMT Program Student Writes For Huffington Post

March 13, 2017

A current student in the UC Davis Fire Dept./Los Rios Community College EMT Certification Program delivered on the UCD Campus recently wrote an article about multi-agency training for large-scale emergencies that was featured on the Huffington Post.

Kathryn Barrett, Contributor and roving Photojournalist for HP got the chance to write a story as she experienced the course and the training first hand.

EMT Certification Classes

Your First Step Toward a Career In Pre-Hospital Care Starts at UC Davis Fire! EMT Certification Classes IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THOSE TAKING THE SPRING 2020 CLASS: Please Click Here To Read

Changes to Spring 2020 EMT Courses - Regarding COVID-19

EMT Certification Program Description:

Student EMT Program

Medical Care Is Over 90% Of What We Do! Your Real World Experience In Pre-Hospital Care Starts Today

The UC Davis Fire Department has provided EMT event staffing over a number of years for a diverse cross-section of campus activities. The service itself is an extension of the daily operations of the department intended to minimize the impact to on-duty crews by mitigating low acuity calls for medical service without reducing the response readiness of the larger EMS system within the community.